new project: build to ride

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so i’ve begun the journey of building my own bicycle.  ive been thinking about doing it and then while selling two bikes i’ve had around the house on craigslist, i started looking for frames… and sure enough… a guy had a 62 cm rebel contender frame for sale.

the price: “$10 or a 6pack of busch beer”

a good deal

a good deal

i call, swing by the liquor store, purchase a 12 pack (come on, a 6pack is like $6, i can throw in a few extra), and head over to meet trent. not only do i get the frame, i get a seat and handbars. nice. 3 pieces down, many to go…  so i will be updating on the progress.

its always good to have a project youre working on…


Dear Chris

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Dear Chris,
This is Gracie. I appreciated the note. I’m a little surprised
at some of your thoughts. You don’t think I can read? That
I don’t think and wonder in regards to your strange habits?
That I don’t cringe and run at the sound of that racket you play
with your friends on those instruments??!! Don’t worry, I don’t
hold it against you that you didn’t leave
enough food out for me one night. Obviously I took care of
things by helping myself to the entire bag. Just a side note
though, if you continue to say my name with a lisp because
you think its funny, I might just have to continue to keep
missing the litter box.
Love, “Grathie”

twenty-five dollar truth

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im tired of truth coming after a night
of five dollar drinks and smokes. it wears
me out that i cant hear it straight from you
unless theres liquor on your breath.
its truth wrapped in spirits. but its not enough.
i want it sober.

dear gracie

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dear gracie,
i know, this is strange, writing to you. maybe its partly due to a lot of time with just us two hanging out. and thats cool and all, dont get me wrong. but i thought id just jot a note down to you. sometimes i wonder about what you might be thinking at times. do you wonder where it is i go when i head out the door and dont come home for hours later? (by the way im really sorry for that time several weeks ago when i spent an unexpected night out and hadn’t left you enough food.) do you have a concept of time? are there times when youre thinking, “he sure has been gone a long time. i wonder when that door is going to open up again and reveal him.” do you ever get hot in the house and complain to yourself about why im insisting on “no A/C ’08?” do you dislike when i have band practice at the house? do you wake me early in the morning sometimes just for fun?  do you sometimes think of jami and want to see her? well, im not sure why im asking these questions. in fact im a bit surprised that i actually sat down to write this to you.  hope you are enjoying living here cuz i appreciate the company.
ps. band practice tomorrow at 6pm. just a heads up.

lovin clouds

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so maybe for the past couple years ive been really into clouds. sometimes
i’ll be outside or driving or something and i’ll look up and see some clouds
just popping out of the sky. like they are so formed and solid looking and
just stand out from the rest of the sky. im digging that. im really enjoying
clouds like those. some of them looks so hard and formed that i want to
climb them. scale them. 5.10+ or something you know?
i wonder if i seem them more often im missouri than in south korea since
we actually get thunderstorms here and just rain rain rain there. we get
rough storms here. lightening and thunder that rips you from dreamland.
so basically i love clouds. the end.
clouds for climbing

anger and loss

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the other night at work had some frustrating moments. a quick description of the event that we were catering: 500 guests who paid a lot of money to be able to come to an auction/fund raiser to rescue dogs. there were baseball stars in attendance as well as the event being headed up by the manager himself. needless to say, we were all running around like crazy trying to keep all the buffet stations stocked, there are people mingling around, there are musicians on stage. my mission: keep the food stocked on the buffets. after having passed in front of the stage with a tray of hot food, i arrive, replace the empty tray with the full one of fried cannelloni. a lady suddenly appears, motions for me to come closer so she can say something. “next time don’t walk in front of the stage.” and with that she takes her slightly closed hand and gives me a slight upward rap under my chin. seriously?? i couldn’t believe someone would have the audacity to do that to someone, and not to mention in such a professional and upright event. who does she think she is? now, i don’t get angry often (this is the 2nd major time in 2 years that i can recall) when things happen to me in the sense that my mind is on fire, but this one did it. i couldn’t get anything out of my mouth and she turned around and off she went. needless to say i ended up being in quite an upset mood for the next several hours. and finally i let it go.

the second negative of the night was when i was loading the truck with all the equipment, the chain around my wrist with my japanese coin on it snapped and i couldnt find it among that stacks of crates. gone is my coin ive been wearing for perhaps 4 or more years. a loss it was. its almost as bad as the time i lost the completely unique and roughed up hand-hammered ring in the waves off the coast of hawaii years ago.

and still lives moves on.


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interesting that one can feel emotions of hate and attractiveness towards the same object. or i guess, towards the same person for that matter. don’t get me wrong, im not expressing hating feelings towards someone. im speaking more towards an entity or part of culture. anyone else relate with feelings of attractiveness and animosity towards the same item/concept/person/thing?

ive seen the way it changes people. i can read it in your eyes. its like a play in front of me.